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Passion for design and quality of people's living space.

Wallace Bryant Interior designs was created by Frederick Wallace and David Bryant to help people create their ultimate dream home. With a background in Interior Design.

Wallace Bryant Interior Designs was founded initially as a way to express their design talents to family and friends, but as their reputation grew it became impossible to remain  a secret.

Now everyone can share in the design excellence of Wallace Bryant Interior Designs.

Wallace-Bryant Interior Designs - Frederick
Frederick has always had an eye for design, colour and style. For over 10 years he has been transforming homes and workplaces for family and friends. Now he is sharing his unique talent with everyone.
David is the guy who keeps the budget in check, so that clients get what they are looking for. He has natural flair for repurposing and restoring old furniture and creating stunning designer pieces.
Wallace-Bryant Interior Designs - David

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