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Here is what Kevin had to say!

It was a pleasure to work with Frederick and David when I decided to put my home on the market for sale to move to a new home. They were a brilliant duo to work with. My style was that of an older person with antiques and theirs was a refreshing modern look as to how a home could be presented.

We met and discussed a plan as to what would be the best approach to present the apartment for sale, to attract a younger purchaser. They were given a free range to lay out my apartment to achieve the best look for sale.

They put forward a design & layout & they brought in different furniture and furnishings to create a very different look different to my way of thinking. What was not needed of mine went into storage. The look created when I walked in for the first time was an absolute WOW, plus my friends were equally amazed. I now had a modern look of space and openness & they worked within my budget. Once we had agreed on the plan the place was transformed in over a weekend.

They have an impeccable eye for detail integrated many of my special possessions.

I would highly recommend working with Wallace – Bryant Interior Designs

Kevin Lonie
Zillmere QLD

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