wallace bryant interior design


It was a pleasure to work with Frederick and David when I decided to put my home on the market for sale to move to a new home. They were a brilliant duo to work with. My style was that of an older person with antiques and theirs was a refreshing modern look as to how a home could be presented.

We met and discussed a plan as to what would be the best approach to present the apartment for sale, to attract a younger purchaser. They were given a free range to lay out my apartment to achieve the best look for sale.

They put forward a design & layout & they brought in different furniture and furnishings to create a very different look different to my way of thinking. What was not needed of mine went into storage. The look created when I walked in for the first time was an absolute WOW, plus my friends were equally amazed. I now had a modern look of space and openness & they worked within my budget. Once we had agreed on the plan the place was transformed over a weekend.

I had my first offer on my Property within 24 hour of it going on the market and I am negating a 2nd offer a week after the first open inspection.

They have an impeccable eye for detail and integrated many of my special possessions.

I would highly recommend working with Wallace – Bryant Interior Designs

Kevin Lonie
Zillmere QLD

Frederick and David were a brilliant duo to work with. 

They truly listened to understand our desired design destination; worked with our budget and timings; integrated many of our sentimental pieces; and created a beautiful look and feel for our home that blew us away, but still felt intimate and truly personal. Frederick and David are action- oriented and approach problems (with constraints on space, or on availability of some furniture pieces) with creative solutions and always with a positive mindset. 

I highly recommend working with Wallace – Bryant Interior Designs

Gladys P
Albany Creek Q
Wallace-Bryant Interior Designs have an amazing eye for detail and I’m so glad they shared their styling gift with the styling challenges like myself. He definitely went the extra mile on his presentation and genuinely cares about his art. He is very personable, warm and friendly and a pleasure to do business with. I would definitely recommend Wallace-Bryant Interior Designs to anyone who would like to style their property.

Carmel Ross